Girls Frontline EXP Calculator

Gun Type: Specifies the Gun Type. Selecting none will not assign a doll.
Doll Type: Carry dolls get MVP Bonus EXP and are interchanged when corpse dragging.
Current Level: Current EXP:
Links: Number of dummies linked to the doll. Setting this to auto will dynamically change the dummy link of the doll as she levels.
Label Count: Graph Mode:
Calculation: Reach Target Level will simulate battles until all dolls reach the target level.

Execute Amount Of Runs will simulate battles based on the amount of runs specified.

Use Resources Allocated will simulate battles until one resource allocated runs out.
Target Level:
Combat Fairy: Use Combat Fairy in calculation. Combat Fairies give an EXP bonus depending on their skill level.
Stage: Stage to be used in the calculation. Combat Simulations are treated as if it is completely finished, thus the EXP is doubled.
Data Room Level: Affects Combat Report production and Surplus EXP acquired from combat. Check 'Link All' to sync all data room components.
Drone Console: Affects the amount Surplus EXP that dolls below max level can generate every battle.
Data Table: Affects the amount of Surplus EXP used per batch.
Operating Station: Affects the amount of Surplus EXP that max leveled dolls can generate every battle.
Computer: Affects the amount of time (hours) it would take to create a batch of Combat Reports.
Fax Machine: Affects the amount of Combat Reports that are made per batch.
Manpower: Ammo: Rations: Batteries: Sim Energy:
EXP Acquired: Surplus EXP: EXP to Combat Report: Surplus to Combat Report:
Total Battles: Stage Clears: Combat Report Hours (Surplus): Combat Report Batches (Surplus):
Manpower: Ammo: Rations: Batteries (Surplus): Sim Energy: